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General Psychology Services

Dr. Bemis sees clients with a broad range of concerns and personalizes the therapy approach to individual needs using evidence-based approaches. Some people attend a few sessions, whereas others need ongoing support for a more extended period, particularly if life’s circumstances are quite challenging. Although people vary, the average number of sessions to treat diagnosable depression or anxiety is roughly 8-15 sessions.

Many people struggle with symptoms of depression or anxiety, have difficulty in relationships, are dissatisfied with work, face serious health challenges or losses, struggle to adapt to life changes, or simply feel discouraged or unhappy in life. Whatever your concerns are, you are invited to call and discuss your goals to see whether Dr. Bemis can be helpful to you.

Dr. Bemis works with adults, adolescents, couples, and families.

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Trauma-Focused Therapy

Dr. Bemis specializes in providing assessment and therapy following traumatic experiences. This has been her main passion for several years and she has developed skills in the best treatments available.
Unfortunately, horrible things such as assault, abuse, combat trauma, sexual assault or unwanted sexual experiences, car accidents, natural disasters, and other tragedies are a frequent human experience. In the aftermath of such experiences, a person’s life can feel like it has been turned inside out. If you have been through a traumatic event, it can be very helpful to meet with a qualified professional to discuss your symptoms and options for treatments to reduce your suffering and help you get your life back.

After a traumatic experience, it is common to feel overwhelmed or even numb, feel very bothered when reminded of the events, have nightmares or sleep problems, feel jumpy or irritable, have unwanted and frequent thoughts about the events, avoid places/people/activities you used to enjoy, have a lack of energy or interest doing in things, have difficulty feeling happiness or love, notice a disconnect in your close relationships, and have trouble concentrating. Other symptoms may also occur.

Years ago, the field of psychology did not know how to effectively treat the symptoms of trauma. However, there is now a large body of research and effective treatments available. Therapy can help! Dr. Bemis provides treatments that are recognized as Gold Standards by the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (i.e., Prolonged Exposure, Cognitive Processing Therapy, and a couples therapy that is an extension of Cognitive Processing Therapy where there is also relationship distress following the trauma). She has also worked with people who benefited from other forms of structured trauma treatment and she is willing and able to adapt to individual needs as she draws on years of experience and consultation with seasoned experts. She has helped many people and it is likely that she can help you.

The goal of trauma-focused therapies are to help you feel less bothered by the memories of the events, to restore your normal life patterns again, and to reduce any disruption you might notice in areas of life such as feeling safe, trusting yourself and others, feeling good about yourself or other people, being able to make your own decisions and also allowing other people to influence your decisions, and emotional or physical intimacy.

NOTE: One of the hallmark features of suffering following trauma is that people often try to avoid stirring up emotions and memories related to the terrible events. Because of this, many people avoid seeking help. Unfortunately, this prolongs distress and actually ends up making the symptoms worse. The best thing to do is to take the step to regain your power and get on the path to improving your well-being. Most people who successfully complete trauma-focused therapy acknowledge that it was very hard to get started, but several weeks later they are very satisfied that they got help and wish they had done it sooner. Start by picking up the phone!  

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Veteran Support

Dr. Bemis trained and worked at the Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center (VA) in Minneapolis for 4 years prior to venturing into private practice. She continues to enjoy working with military populations in her current setting. Former VA colleagues routinely refer veterans and active duty service members who wish to seek high quality services outside the VA system to Dr. Bemis.

She has a solid understanding of many issues faced by service members and their families prior to, during, and following deployment. She has extensive experience treating symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, other anxiety disorders such as panic or phobias, depression, sleep problems, disruptions in family functioning, post-deployment adjustment, and many other concerns. She treats individual veterans or their spouses, couples, and families.

Dr. Bemis has a strong commitment to working with members of our armed forces and the families that sacrifice alongside of them. If insurance or costs of therapy are a potential concern, she invites you to speak with her about these issues. Fee reductions may be arranged if needed.

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Guest Speaking

Dr. Bemis is a frequent guest speaker in a variety of settings, such as colleges and universities, psychology training programs, educational meetings, childcare centers, churches, businesses, and community organizations. 

She is available to speak on a wide range of topics, including assessment and recovery following trauma, resilience, stress management, mood and behavior management for adults and children, specific therapies (e.g., trauma focused therapy, behavior therapy, mindfulness-based interventions, DBT), the power and application of mindfulness, understanding emotions and coping constructively with strong emotions, strengthening family relationships, grief and loss, forgiveness, and the process of behavior change.

Inquiries for speaking arrangements are always welcome.

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